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Interview with Multi Disciplinary Artist Marta Martina Mijic from Zagreb, Croatia

Marta Martina MijicMarta Martina Mijic (28) is Croatian multi-discipline artist currently residing in Zagreb, Croatia. You can view Marta’s work on her Facebook pages: Marta Art Factory and MAF Pet Photography, and also through her website. View Marta’s portfolio. You can also view her photography after the interview below.

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and your photography.

Martina Mijić MAFphotoMarta Martina Mijic: I was born in Travnik, a small town located 90 km west from Sarajevo, and I spent my childhood interchangeably in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, as well, Germany. Since 2007, I am based in Zagreb where I founded an association, MAF that affects many art fronts. Photography (MAFphoto), painting, and creation of unique organ decorations are some of the things that I am involved with.

My first independent painting exhibition, symbolically named “My Story” was in Travnik (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 2005. I presented 66 paintings done in various techniques. I also participated in numerous group exhibitions, courses, and workshops.

“As an artist, I am oriented towards abstract art. The artist world is full of color, but my photography shows the opposite, the black and white world”
Marta Martina Mijic

My first independent photography exhibition, named “Voyage, part I, Light and Darkness”, has been presented in Belgrade (Serbia) in 2010, at the Center for Photo and Film Culture of Serbians. The second independent exhibition, “Balance”, has been presented in Zagreb in 2013, and it has been based on the sports theme.

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