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Interview with Wilber Mazemu – Artist from Uganda

Wilber Mazemu

Wilber Mazemu is an artist from Uganda, now settled in Kenya. He has been pursuing art since a young age. You can contact Wilber by email and also view his artwork on his webpage on ArtWeb.

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and your journey in art.

Wilber Mazemu: My name is Wilber Mazemu born in Eastern Uganda in1987 in a Village called Bupadhengo. I have my Mother and my Father, 2 older brothers, and 2 younger sisters. We are five siblings, I am in the middle. One of my sisters is in Jinja town and the other sister is staying with my mom. My brothers work in the market. I completed my Primary school at my village. I entered in category of art when I started high school in Jinja, still in eastern Uganda. I completed my high school in Kampala, which is the capital city on my country Uganda. I joined Mkumba University and after completing my studies, I returned to my town and started work in Jinja town. I joined a guy called mike who had a small gallery in Jinja town. I worked with him for almost 2-3 years that was 2005-2008. From there I started making my own work and supplying them to the craft shops in Entebbe. In 2014, I decided to change country because the market of painting is very small in Uganda compared to the Kenyan Market.

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