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Interview with Vida Khadem on her latest work – Dance of Life

Vida KhademVida Khadem is a painter, writer and film maker, whom we have interviewed before. She joins us again to talk about her latest work “Dance of Life”, which is a unique collection that she has painted using just vegetables, herbs and fruits. You can find our more about Vida through her website, as well as to purchase prints of this latest work.

ExtraImaginary: Welcome back Vida. Wow! Dance of Life is an amazing concept. How did you come up with it?

Vida Khadem - Dance of Life

Vida: I woke up one day and I was angry. And for no apparent reason that I could pin point. So I did what I always do when I am in distress. I picked up my paints and some empty bottles and cans and decided to go into the woods.

I wanted to throw paint from different distances to study the movement of liquid as it travels from near and far before it hits the surface of the panel of wood.

It was a cold winter day. And snow was still on the ground. After some time and throwing paint with different objects, bottles, cans, and cups and glass, I got tired and drove back home to have something eat.

As I was peeling an orange … the thought crossed my head … I wonder what would happen if I dip the orange in the paint and throw it on the panel. So I did. And to my surprise the marks were much more interesting.

Next I threw an apple, grapes, and parsley, and cabbage, and mint, and so I was throwing all kinds of vegetables and herbs and fruits from close and far. And the result was astonishing.

So in all honesty, it was just an accident.

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Interview with Annette Jimerson – Artist in the United States

Annette Jimerson Annette Jimerson is an artist from San Jacinto, California. She was identified at a very young age as a talented artist, securing a scholarship, and was encouraged by her mother to develop her skills. Annette’s art is inspired by the world, the people and all life within it. Connect with Annette through her website or email her at annettejimerson [at] gmail [dot] com, for more information and to purchase her art. You can also view her art at, Society 6, and at A Princess Store.

You can view Annette’s Art Portfolio or see her work after the interview below.

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and your journey as an artist.

Annette Jimerson: I come from a very talented artist my mom “Jessie Lee Jimerson” who had one of her paintings that sold to the Chicago Museum, at an early age. She was born 1927, I would love to find some of her work.

As for my journey, one day while with my mom at an art store, I was looking through a “How to Draw Portraits Book” in 1974, and asked for her to buy me some pencils and a sketch pad. Every piece that I drew was very expressive, professional, and it looked as if I had been here before as a artist, some of these drawings I still have and are available for viewing on my website.
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