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Interview with Seshu Kiran – Artist from Bangalore, India

Seshu Kiran Art

Seshu Kiran is an artist based in Bangalore, India. His paintings are of nature that arises from his imagination and inspiration rather than actual landscapes. You can find out more about Seshu Kiran through his website – and Facebook

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and your journey with art.

Seshu Kiran: I used to draw a lot with pencil and paper in childhood. Seeing this, I was sent to a drawing instructor when I was 6. He liked my drawings and instructed me to draw from what I see. He kept a lantern in front of me and asked to draw. Then he kept his bike. After he felt I was something, he took me as his student for two weeks.

The important lesson I learnt from him was – keep at your art. Breathe your craft. Keep drawing. As I grew, watercolors happened to me. At the age of 17, I passed Karnataka higher grade art exam in first class. This made me eligible to be an art teacher at high schools in Karnataka. But I didn’t. I was also at the craft of technology and inventions. So my career is shared between art and technology. I live by both.

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