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Interview with Maria Varga-Hansen, Artist from Hungary

Maria Varga-HansenMaria Varga-Hansen aka Vargamari, is an artist from Hungary, who has lived in Hungary, Austria, Greece, and the USA. She rediscovered her passion for painting much later in life and her favourite medium for art is encaustic. Currently based in Racine, WI in the USA, she currently teaches art to children.

You can connect with Vargamari on facebook and visit her website for more information and to purchase her art.

View Vargamari’s art portfolio. You can also view her paintings at the end of the interview.

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and your art.

Vargamari: My name is Maria Varga-Hansen, a.k.a. Vargamari, was born in Budapest, Hungary.

I believe I was born as an artist … I was always drawing and painting in my childhood (I had some problem with it in the school, doing it also at math-lessons…), then I stopped at 13 because I prepared myself to become an actress. I studied as an actress and had practiced it more than 8 years, but was not happy … long story … I left my profession and started to weave self-designed textiles, at that time already played with colors again … had an own textile-shop for hand-weaving in Budapest, with some employments, I was very successful with it, but it was not “my way”.

I always missed something…

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