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Interview with Apryl Miller – Artist from NYC

Apryl Miller

Apryl Miller is an artist residing in New York. A lifelong poet, she discovered her love and talent for art later in life. Her work includes paintings, soft sculptures, installations, collage, furniture, and interior design. You can find out more about Apryl through her website, Facebook, Twitter, and her portfolio on Saatchi.

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and your journey with art.

Apryl Miller Dyl-ScanApryl Miller: I come from a large, creative, DIY family and though we were always doing different sorts of art projects, we were not gifted visually and we never thought of ourselves as artistic. My father was a minister and I remember as a small child going and helping the church ladies put together their beautiful, clever projects to sell at the yearly Christmas Fair.

When I had to paint or draw an image in art classes as a child, it was difficult for me. It seemed as if I was always expected to make tight, realistic images, when I am actually a loose, abstract artist. But I could not have known that then, and those childhood classes were not the place to experiment. It was in my home, with my family, working on projects together, that I felt a sense of mastery and direction. When I was in my early 40’s, I began to whisper to myself that I was an artist and as time went on, that whisper turned into a normal speaking voice.

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