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Interview with Ashish Soni – Artist in India

Ashish SoniAshish Soni is a self taught pencil sketch artist from India. He strives to make his sketches realistic, life like and natural. You can connect with Ashish on Facebook to learn more about him and to purchase his art.

View Ashish’s art portfolio. You can also view his art after the interview below.

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and your journey as an artist.

I live in a small town Durg near Raipur, capital of Chattisgarh. I have always been good at learning new things and I take it as a challenge to become good in any field. After learning guitar, I was looking for something different yet artistic which would allow me to capture my views in a different manner than music. I used to draw cartoons (Ducktales, Spiderman, Batman, Mogli, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck etc) when I was a kid and also did a lot of ‘Rangoli’ during Diwali time. My craziest work was the Scenes of Jurassic Park (When Dinosour breaks the Fencing) sketching out on paper when I saw the Movie. When I saw pencil sketches online two-three years ago, I got inspired to try my hands at it. I started by downloading a few e-books on sketching and learning from them, I got an idea but not that much help. Soon I realized I had a good eye for lighting, angle, shades, detailing etc. that helped me capture real essence in pictures. Now a days I strive to make my sketches as close to reality as possible. All my sketches have a life and they are realistic.

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Interview with Tamanna Sagar – Artist in Indonesia

Tamanna Sagar - Artist - Indonesia Tamanna Sagar is originally from New Delhi, India. She is based in Indonesia with her husband and her kids. She is a daughter of an army Colonel and her mother is an established artist in India. She is a self taught artist, whose art represents human emotions and spiritual boundaries, through semi abstract and abstract styles of painting.

You can connect with Tamanna on Facebook or you can visit her website to find out more about her and to purchase her artwork.

View Tamanna Sagar’s portfolio. You can also view her artwork after the interview below.

ExtraImaginary: Could you tell us about yourself and your art?

Tamanna Sagar: I am an Indian artist living in Indonesia with my husband and 2 kids. I have my ‘Divine Strokes Studio’ in my home, where I spend my days painting. About my art, I can just say that I rely heavily on my imagination, my dreams, daydreams and a strong sense of colours. I have enjoyed painting realistic landscapes and portraits, but I surely bend more towards abstracts and semi abstracts, to express myself as an artist!

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