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Interview with Evi Apostolou – Artist from Patras, Greece

Evi ApostolouEvi Apostolou is an artist from Greece. Her recent art is about the consequences of technology, biotechnology and biosciences in our everyday reality. Evi has studied both theology and art and is currently a theology teacher.

You can connect with Evi on Facebook or you can visit her website to find out more about her and to purchase her art.

View Evi Apostolou’s art portfolio. You can also view her artwork after the interview below.

Extraimaginary: We have Evi Apostolou here with us today. Evi, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your art.

Evi Apostolou: Well, I have studied theology in the University of Athens. This is about religions. Then I studied art in Athens School of Fine Arts. My interest in art came very early when I was a child. I have been always painting all my life and I love every kind of art and especially visual art.

My recent artwork ‘Boundaries at the age of surreal’ (2009) was made for my university diploma. It is about the radical consequences of technology, biotechnology and biosciences in our everyday reality.

14-xenotransplantation-digital-110x140cmAll artworks are based on real facts, such as transplantation from animals, like pigs, to humans, the misuse of animals in order to find therapies for human diseases or for the science to go further, the very fast growing field of nanotechnology, the bionic brain (a brain with an artificial hippocampus) and the total artificial heart, which is going to be used by humans in the future.

At the same time all artworks are an open door to the imagination, real and surreal can be easily confused. I found very interesting to combine art with all this scientific knowledge I had after my two years research about these issues. I also believe that art can be a very strong communication tool, and I wanted to share everything I already knew with people. Something very important I have to say now about the unit ‘Boundaries’ is that I have tried a lot to represent everything in such a way so I would not cause very strong emotional reactions, because the purpose of this work is to represent the reality as it is, not to confuse, but to stimulate people for a clear thinking.

Apart from this unit, my artwork at the moment is painting, digital art and a combination of computer produced images, photographs with painting. I am mostly inspired from biology, exploring the interaction and coexistence of spirit and matter, as well as of the natural and the artificial world. I find very interesting to combine biological, organic with technological, inorganic elements. I also want to express a particular state of mind and soul. Human body, both internal and external, and every living matter could be transformed into images of a flowing energy, and, even though a still life could be seen as something breathing and alive. Everything in my art is living, can be connected, everything is like an organism, or a part of a bigger organism.

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