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Interview with Cyrus Kabiru – Visual Artist from Nairobi, Kenya

Cyrus Kabiru - Visual Artist - Nairobi, KenyaCyrus Kabiru was born in Nairobi and also went to school in Nairobi. He is a self taught artist. His studio is at the Kuona Trust in Nairobi. Cyrus is currently a painter as well as a sculptor. He works with recycled products, and his signature is the unique eye glasses that he makes with various waste materials.

You can connect with Cyrus on Facebook or email him for more information and to purchase his art.

View Cyrus Kabiru’s portfolio. You can also view his artwork after the interview below.

ExtraImaginary: Cyrus, can you please give us a background of yourself?

Cyrus Kabiru: I am an artist. A visual artist, not a … you know there are many different kinds of artists: visual, performing … so I am a visual artist. I work with everything – Painting, Sculpture, Recycled, … everything. So when I started art, I was at an early age. I come from a slum in Kenya. So I used to see junk. Everyday, I woke up, the first thing I would see is junk. So I mix painting together with junk.

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