Evi Apostolou Art Portfolio – Artist in Patras, Greece

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BOUNDARIES at the age of surreal

The radical growth of technology, biotechnology and biosciences nowadays has powerful consequences in our everyday reality. A second nature, created by human culture, co-exists with our first one. Life itself is redefined, and at the same time a new philosophy, and a new way of living is created. What used to be inconceivable, now becomes a fact, and the boundaries between real and surreal are breached.

The new reality brings us face to face with the B O U N D A R I E S

between the natural and the artificial world

Nature changes along with us and biology is redefined, exceeded and extended with human technological intervention. Furthermore, technology becomes more “natural”. The boundaries between what we consider to be natural and what is thought to be artificial- that is the product of our technological civilization – are often confused.

between positive and negative choices and their consequences

The definition of life is re-established and along with that new values are created and social status and traditional behaviours and thoughts are overthrown.
Concerning the trial and effort during the human evolutionary process, one can notice that not everything is clear. It is often impossible to make use of the good results without a long period of risk and catastrophic experiments. The scientific and technological knowledge is nothing but a tool, and what matters is the way you handle it.

which are necessary to exist

Human evolution is unavoidable.
The human kind has enough power to make world better, or to destroy it.
Are our plans motivated by the desire to help mankind, or are they driven by power, vanity and insanity?
Great power comes with great responsibility. If we don’t set the limits in the use of our technological and scientific knowledge, insane claims will become an inconvenient reality.
It is important to regulate our behaviour so as not to breach the boundaries which guarantee our dignified and safe survival in this world.
All we need is to know, to be aware of reality as it is, and to face it with personal and collective responsibility, honesty, alertness and wise insight.

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