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Interview with Wilber Mazemu – Artist from Uganda

Wilber Mazemu

Wilber Mazemu is an artist from Uganda, now settled in Kenya. He has been pursuing art since a young age. You can contact Wilber by email and also view his artwork on his webpage on ArtWeb.

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and your journey in art.

Wilber Mazemu: My name is Wilber Mazemu born in Eastern Uganda in1987 in a Village called Bupadhengo. I have my Mother and my Father, 2 older brothers, and 2 younger sisters. We are five siblings, I am in the middle. One of my sisters is in Jinja town and the other sister is staying with my mom. My brothers work in the market. I completed my Primary school at my village. I entered in category of art when I started high school in Jinja, still in eastern Uganda. I completed my high school in Kampala, which is the capital city on my country Uganda. I joined Mkumba University and after completing my studies, I returned to my town and started work in Jinja town. I joined a guy called mike who had a small gallery in Jinja town. I worked with him for almost 2-3 years that was 2005-2008. From there I started making my own work and supplying them to the craft shops in Entebbe. In 2014, I decided to change country because the market of painting is very small in Uganda compared to the Kenyan Market.

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Interview with Richard Kuria – Artist in Eldoret, Kenya

Richard KuriaRichard Kuria is an painter and pencil sketch artist living in Eldoret, Kenya. He is currently studying at the Moi University in Eldoret, doing a BSc. in Project Planning and Management.

You can connect with Richard on Facebook or by phone at +254-725-357-241.

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and your journey in art.

Richard Kuria: My name is Kuria Richard Njogu, currently living in Eldoret. I grew up in Bungoma, Western Kenya. I attended a private school there called Marell Academy, where I was first introduced to art. Back then, I mostly drew cartoons. I enjoyed the attention I got from the other students, about how good I was. I was never serious about art, not until I joined High School, (Booker Academy, Mumias), when doing Art and Design, where I really discovered my love for it. I got recognized as a talented artist, through winning awards or when it came to people talking about my art.

Richard Kuria ArtAfter high in 2010, I needed to make some money. I met a guy, now a really good friend of mine, living in Bungoma, called Joshua (Josh), a great artist. He introduced me to the painting and framing technique displayed below. Working with him taught me a lot, and in the end, I got to make money from the pieces we sold. Unfortunately, people want the cheapest thing they can get, thus it was very hard to sell the pieces at high prices, but what I learnt from my time with him, was priceless.

Richard Kuria ArtAlso during that time, I got interested in doing portraits, specifically pencil portraits. I got in love with it and wanted to do it all the time. I did not have anyone to teach me, so I spent a lot of time, looking at other artists work in the internet. I got some tips here and there and developed my own techniques and tricks along the way, and with every portrait I did I got a little better. I have been doing commissions since 2011 and I have done work for people all over the country.

Currently I work as a freelance artist, which is a good choice for me, because the operating costs are typically low. I am also working on turning my love for art into a career, and exhibiting my works in galleries.

I strive to produce the best portrait drawings I can, making them as realistic as I possibly can.

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Interview with Vida Khadem on her latest work – Dance of Life

Vida KhademVida Khadem is a painter, writer and film maker, whom we have interviewed before. She joins us again to talk about her latest work “Dance of Life”, which is a unique collection that she has painted using just vegetables, herbs and fruits. You can find our more about Vida through her website, as well as to purchase prints of this latest work.

ExtraImaginary: Welcome back Vida. Wow! Dance of Life is an amazing concept. How did you come up with it?

Vida Khadem - Dance of Life

Vida: I woke up one day and I was angry. And for no apparent reason that I could pin point. So I did what I always do when I am in distress. I picked up my paints and some empty bottles and cans and decided to go into the woods.

I wanted to throw paint from different distances to study the movement of liquid as it travels from near and far before it hits the surface of the panel of wood.

It was a cold winter day. And snow was still on the ground. After some time and throwing paint with different objects, bottles, cans, and cups and glass, I got tired and drove back home to have something eat.

As I was peeling an orange … the thought crossed my head … I wonder what would happen if I dip the orange in the paint and throw it on the panel. So I did. And to my surprise the marks were much more interesting.

Next I threw an apple, grapes, and parsley, and cabbage, and mint, and so I was throwing all kinds of vegetables and herbs and fruits from close and far. And the result was astonishing.

So in all honesty, it was just an accident.

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