Interview with Artist Arnold Indusa from Nairobi, Kenya

Arnold IndusaArnold Indusa is a talented pencil sketch artist from Nairobi, Kenya. He also has a Bachelor’s degree in Business IT. You can learn more about him and contact him through his facebook page.

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and how you got started with art.

Arnold Indusa: Well, I found myself drawing at the back of my school books way back in primary school, and was definitely fascinated by that. I actually enjoyed it a lot though I got into a lot of trouble for “dirtifying” my school books. Little did people know it was a blessing in disguise. I’m the first born out of the 3 of us, and I live in South C. I graduated from Strathmore University with a Bachelors Degree in Business IT.

ExtraImaginary: What is your art about?

Arnold Indusa: My art is basically about deep level of detail, making something or someone as real as possible. Mainly, paying attention to detail. I draw mainly people and cars though I can draw many other things.

ExtraImaginary: How do you choose whom to sketch?

Arnold Indusa: Well, i choose the portraits that I feel that can challenge me to push me to limits deliver it with all the detail as possible.

ExtraImaginary: What materials and techniques do you use?

Arnold Indusa: I use various techniques..namely crosshatching, straight stroke shading, smudging. I use a graphic designer pencil set, blending stump, kneadable eraser and a blade. The kind of paper i use is of 120 gsm, guess thats the thickness of the paper.

ExtraImaginary: What inspires you to draw?

Arnold Indusa: I’m inspired by challenging myself to make the best of this gift I have, I push myself to the limits so that I can see myself become a better artist each time I draw.

ExtraImaginary: Which is your favourite piece so far?

Arnold Indusa: Okay, my favourite piece to this day is a drawing of Walter White of breaking bad. I really nailed that drawing. Though, my other best favourite is a drawing of Marilyn Monroe i did recently, the shading was just epic!!!!

ExtraImaginary: What is your most memorable moment as an artist?

Arnold Indusa: My most memorable moment as an artist is when I showcased my drawings for the first time in Strathmore and people were really amazed with my talent. It was quite a special day!!

ExtraImaginary: Who are your favourite artists?

Arnold Indusa: My favourite artists are Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Olga Melamory.

ExtraImaginary: What are your goals in regards to your art?

Arnold Indusa: My goals are mainly to become better and better in my pencils sketches, to become as realistic as possible. An try out different styles of art, like drawing with charcoal.

ExtraImaginary: Is there anything else that you would like people to know about you?

Arnold Indusa: Well, people can check out my drawings on my facebook page called Indusa Sketches.

ExtraImaginary: Thanks Arnold! You’re ExtraImaginary.

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