Interview with Multi Disciplinary Artist Marta Martina Mijic from Zagreb, Croatia

Marta Martina MijicMarta Martina Mijic (28) is Croatian multi-discipline artist currently residing in Zagreb, Croatia. You can view Marta’s work on her Facebook pages: Marta Art Factory and MAF Pet Photography, and also through her website. View Marta’s portfolio. You can also view her photography after the interview below.

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and your photography.

Martina Mijić MAFphotoMarta Martina Mijic: I was born in Travnik, a small town located 90 km west from Sarajevo, and I spent my childhood interchangeably in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, as well, Germany. Since 2007, I am based in Zagreb where I founded an association, MAF that affects many art fronts. Photography (MAFphoto), painting, and creation of unique organ decorations are some of the things that I am involved with.

My first independent painting exhibition, symbolically named “My Story” was in Travnik (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 2005. I presented 66 paintings done in various techniques. I also participated in numerous group exhibitions, courses, and workshops.

“As an artist, I am oriented towards abstract art. The artist world is full of color, but my photography shows the opposite, the black and white world”
Marta Martina Mijic

My first independent photography exhibition, named “Voyage, part I, Light and Darkness”, has been presented in Belgrade (Serbia) in 2010, at the Center for Photo and Film Culture of Serbians. The second independent exhibition, “Balance”, has been presented in Zagreb in 2013, and it has been based on the sports theme.

ExtraImaginary: How long have you been an artist?

Marta Martina Mijic: My first contact with photography occured in my childhood. I engaged in more serious approach and work with photography for the past six years. Since the very beginning of my life! ☺

ExtraImaginary: What process do you use? Do you plan your shoots or are they spontaneous?

Marta Martina Mijic: I favor the spontaneous shoots. When people are relaxed and are not paying much attention to me. This way, I can record wonderful moments of energy. I plan and realize ideas, that is, projects that I envision. Nevertheless, my work also contains planned shoots.

I let my soul photograph, I only click the shooter.
Marta Martina Mijic

ExtraImaginary: You do sports photography, portraits, kids, pets, and life. Tell us about each type and what inspires you about each?

Marta Martina Mijic: I elaborate themes such as: spiritual enlightenment, awareness awakening, conflicts between light and darkness that occupy us constantly, healthy living, love, passion. Inner peace. About high frequency of life. Life is the most difficult exam, but also the most powerful experience of our soul. I want to set an example of life, what and how I experience, how I see the things around me. As much as possible, I try to show the positive, even where there is a lot of negativity. Maybe I do a little research, psychology and pedagogy of people through photography.

Lies hurt (Winning photos in the category "citiy", on the competition "Photo of the year 2011" Bosnia and Herzegovina)The play between lights and shadows is what I love. Witnessing human possibilities of movement. There is a whole spectrum of worlds within people to be met. A wide range of photo stories and themes come my way that help me elaborate the core that I have mentioned, and that is LIFE. The life in the city, events, and people are captured. The city is very interesting for B&W photography. It tells a thousand different stories at the same time, and sometimes my incapability to document it all makes me very sad. I am a traveller. I couldn’t believe that one can travel so much and yet still stay in the same place.

Kid's PhotographyI photograph the moments of the souls and that is mostly presented and emphasized in the portrait photography of peopel and kids through the documentary artistic approach. Capturing facial expressions and details.This is my choice as I am an advocate of healthy way of living and sports creativity that does not always have to be at a professional level. It is more important to play and have fun.

The animal photography that I do, I do because of the grand love and passion that I have for animals. It all started with me photographing the everyday life of my dogs, and that grew into yet another branch of my photographic expression. It is very interesting to capture the animal movements, and even more interesting to capture their souls on film. Dog sport Photography is also very intersting to me and make so much fun. Spending time in nature makes me happy.

The Inspiration comes from the Universe. If a person is relaxed enough, open minded for new things and experiences, the inspiration can come from anywhere and anytime. I pass on the information by capturing what I see and how I see the world around me. This is captured this with my paint brush, but mostly through the objective lens on my camera. In short, I get inspired by the love wherever I see it and in any shape or form. Love, love, love! Love is the answer. Love is the only right thing. Love is the only truth.

ExtraImaginary: Your photography is both in Black & White as well as Color. Is there any type you prefer and if not, how do you choose?

Marta Martina Mijic: Yes, I do. Ted Grant (the photojournalist) has said:

“When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls.”
Ted Grant

I stick to that advice. It is mostly true. ☺ It all depends, the photographs require themselves to be in black and white or color.

ExtraImaginary: Do you use any software such as Aperture, Lightroom, or Photoshop to process your photos after you shoot them?

Marta Martina Mijic: I use Photoshop CS5 ☺

ExtraImaginary: What is your favorite equipment?

Marta Martina Mijic: Sony and Cannon cameras are my first pick for now.

ExtraImaginary: Tell us about your paintings. What do you try to convey and what inspires you to paint?

Marta-Martina-Mijic-P3When I’m happy, I paint, when I desire peace, and that is the time when I am in my meditative state or in the state of silence and learning. It brings me peace and it concentrates me. The inspiration comes as a result of happiness and love, and positive energy. The joy that occurs in that moment comes spontaneously and as an answer to various situations and events that I experience through interaction with society, animals, nature. Lately, I have been occupied with planetary movements, and currently I am working on that project but in another style. So far, I have been working “square” style, geometrically oriented, but now I am using a more relaxed approach. The movements are presented as fluid that accentuates the dynamics of those movements. I love the powerful contrast colors that describe movements, high energy, dynamics.

The differences between photographs and paintings done by me lie in the fact that with photography I record one single moment of a mind and soul state, that is the mood, while with paintings I record that part of my imagination and world where it is impossible to stop anything. When I look at them, I feel how everything around me spins in circles. It is hard to find the right words to explain what I feel when I paint.

ExtraImaginary: What technique and materials do you use for your paintings.

Marta Martina Mijic: Oil & Acrylic, Pencil & Paper. Sometimes I put Photography and Paintings together on paper.

ExtraImaginary: What are your goals in regards to your art?

Marta Martina Mijic: In regards to my photography, my goal is to photograph and to be happy doing that, which makes my final destination hard to determine. There isn’t much planning involved, I just follow my ideas and intuition.

The same goes for painting. As long as art makes me happy, I will be able to paint, to create, to present.

In the near future, I would love to see MAF get a studio (a tangible, painting/photo studio), at which we can hold educational workshops and other various contents regarding art, creativity, as well as contents regarding therapeutic nature, parties, socializing, and keeping live contacts between people. I would love to use this studio to improve the quality of life, and to hold workshops with the main theme of “living according to nature.” By starting the MAF foundation, that plan will come to realization in a very short time.

ExtraImaginary: What is your most memorable moment as a artist?

Marta Martina Mijic: There were so many to remember. And there are many more to come. All of them are my memorable moments. I love my art.

It is the moment when I can take a look at my piece and say: “It’s finished!” And when I am satisfied with what I’m creating.

ExtraImaginary: Is there anything else that you would like people to know about you?

Marta Martina Mijic: My works tell so much more about me. All who want to follow me can do so through my Facebook fan pages, Marta Art Factory and MAF Pet Photography, and also through my website.

The photo exhibit “BaLaNs” could have been seen in the period from June 26 to July 26, 2013, or it can be seen on August 1 until Semptember 10, 2013 in the Sport LAB sports shop in Zagreb. All that will be in Zagreb at that time are invited to come and feel the sport energy.

ExtraImaginary: Thanks Marta. You’re ExtraImaginary!

Marta’s Photography

Marta’s Paintings

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