Interview with Annette Jimerson – Artist in the United States

Annette Jimerson Annette Jimerson is an artist from San Jacinto, California. She was identified at a very young age as a talented artist, securing a scholarship, and was encouraged by her mother to develop her skills. Annette’s art is inspired by the world, the people and all life within it. Connect with Annette through her website or email her at annettejimerson [at] gmail [dot] com, for more information and to purchase her art. You can also view her art at, Society 6, and at A Princess Store.

You can view Annette’s Art Portfolio or see her work after the interview below.

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and your journey as an artist.

Annette Jimerson: I come from a very talented artist my mom “Jessie Lee Jimerson” who had one of her paintings that sold to the Chicago Museum, at an early age. She was born 1927, I would love to find some of her work.

As for my journey, one day while with my mom at an art store, I was looking through a “How to Draw Portraits Book” in 1974, and asked for her to buy me some pencils and a sketch pad. Every piece that I drew was very expressive, professional, and it looked as if I had been here before as a artist, some of these drawings I still have and are available for viewing on my website.

My mother being so impressed with my work, called the Memphis State University Art Department, and made an appointment with the dean of the fine art department. I was 12 years old. After viewing my portfolio, he said I was the most talented young artist that he had ever seen, and granted me not only permission to attend College for Fine Art, but also gave me a scholarship. It was unfortunate for me that I could not attend classes because my mother lived very far away from the university, and she did not have a car at that time. Since then, I have attended art schools here and there briefly, including: Milwaukee, Institute of Art & Design in Milwaukie, WI in 1986, and San Diego City/Mesa – College in San Diego, CA from 1987 to 1988.

I have been greatly encouraged by total strangers when they see my art, I have been given art supplies many, many times, throughout my life and told “no matter what happens in my life never stop painting”. I have also painted many portraits throughout the USA on consignment, as well as received several honors, awards and features for my work:

  •, painting(s) featured “Elephants” and “Zebras” (2010)
  • Marquis Who’s Who, notability book feature “Annette Jimerson” (67th edition, 2 volume set ) (2013)
  • (ArtSlam), painting featured in 2012 Calendar(2011)
  • Art, art showcase, “Annette Jimerson” (2012)
  • The Perspective, newspaper spread “Annette Jimerson: A Picture of an Artist” (issue 7, volume 5, pg 22-33) (2006)
  • Channel 7 News Station (Jacksonville, Florida), news coverage, “Annette Jimerson” (1995)
  • Cedar Rapids Gazette, newspaper spread “Artist looks to Iowa for a better life ” (volume 110, NO 188, pg 60) (1992)
  • Memphis State University, Art Scholarship (1975)
  • San Diego City College, “Permanent Art Display in Library” (San Diego, California) (1987)
  • Milwaukie Art Institute, Commercial Art Scholarship (1986)

ExtraImaginary: What is your art about? What do you want people to feel/realize/experience when looking at your artwork?

California RedwoodAnnette Jimerson: My art is about everything, the world itself, and the people and all of the life within it interest me. I also paint abstract, out of pure emotions, only what I feel is what I paint. Sometimes, most of the times I don’t really even look at what I’m doing, until it is finished, and then I’m usually surprised because of the strength and technique that seems to change all the time.

What I consider to be my best work, I painted while completely intoxicated on red wine, it’s as if I give complete control of myself to an unseen force and I’m the on-looker or bystander.

Also, this year I have started a new business called the “A Princess Store“, Princess in my middle name, and I have put some of my art on shirts, stamps, hats, water bottles etc.

I want people to feel that they are looking at real art, and enjoy whatever emotions that may come. Also that they are looking at a Black American Woman’s Art, which is rather rare in itself. I feel that people should know that I exist.

ExtraImaginary: You use various media in your art. What inspires you to use different media? Do you choose the media based on the type of work you have in mind or is it random? Which is your favorite medium?

Annette Jimerson: My favorite medium is Acrylic because it is easy to use, fast to dry, and no harsh smells, or chemicals that is needed to thin the paint also, and its easy to clean up. However pen and ink, or pencil is the easiest because it allows me to have more control over details, and finer lines are easier to do, but I love color.

Basically I use whatever I have available at the time, and if I’m lucky to have a choice in choosing mediums, then I’m more particular, about what the subject is going to be. However, I like to try something new and different, so really there is no right or wrong in Art.

ExtraImaginary: What inspires you to create and what is the major influence on your art?

Annette Jimerson: My dreams inspire me to create, my children, the world, God and all of the creations, in the world, everything, that is Strange, Beautiful, Unique, Lonely, Different, and Special. Also I’m interested in anything that is challenging which requires a lot of time and detail. I try to stay away from what every other artist are doing, because if everyone paints the same thing, then I don’t need to contribute.

ExtraImaginary: Many of your pieces feature eyes. Tell us about that and why they are so important to you.

Trademark EyesAnnette Jimerson: Eyes, are something that I just can’t seem to stop drawing, I constantly draw eyes without even realizing it. When I’m bored I draw eyes on scrap paper. But actually I’m more interested in still life – fruits and flowers, with lots of draping silks, but this would require a space for me that can’t be disturbed for up to 2 weeks. And with children who are curious and want to be near momma, this is impossible – so I draw eyes to express my emotions.

ExtraImaginary: How do you know when a piece is finished?

Annette Jimerson: I feel a piece is finished when I don’t want to touch it, anymore.

ExtraImaginary: What is your most memorable moment as an artist?

Annette Jimerson: My most memorable moment as an Artist is when I discovered that I truly can paint, and draw, when I finished and then sobered up to see my “First Still Life” drawing 20×24 on canvas board 1989, that is when I first believed in myself. Because before that I really wasn’t buying what people were saying about me, I just thought they were just saying that to encourage because I was so young. But oh, when I impressed myself, then I believed.

ExtraImaginary: If you could have dinner with any artist, past or present, who would it be and why?

Annette Jimerson: If I could go back in time and have dinner with the old masters, whichever one would accept me as a student – Rembrandt, Michaelangelo, Van Gogh, I would never leave. I would want to stay around any one of those artist’s instruction’s, and learn about art happily for the rest of my life. Because I believe I was born to be an artist, anything and everything else that happens to me, is life.

ExtraImaginary: What are your goals in regards to your art?

Annette Jimerson: My goals are to be a financially successful artist.

ExtraImaginary: Is there anything else that you would like people to know about you?

Annette Jimerson: If there is anything else I have to say, just watch my paintings.

ExtraImaginary: Thanks Annette. You’re ExtraImaginary!

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