Interview with Ashish Soni – Artist in India

Ashish SoniAshish Soni is a self taught pencil sketch artist from India. He strives to make his sketches realistic, life like and natural. You can connect with Ashish on Facebook to learn more about him and to purchase his art.

View Ashish’s art portfolio. You can also view his art after the interview below.

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and your journey as an artist.

I live in a small town Durg near Raipur, capital of Chattisgarh. I have always been good at learning new things and I take it as a challenge to become good in any field. After learning guitar, I was looking for something different yet artistic which would allow me to capture my views in a different manner than music. I used to draw cartoons (Ducktales, Spiderman, Batman, Mogli, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck etc) when I was a kid and also did a lot of ‘Rangoli’ during Diwali time. My craziest work was the Scenes of Jurassic Park (When Dinosour breaks the Fencing) sketching out on paper when I saw the Movie. When I saw pencil sketches online two-three years ago, I got inspired to try my hands at it. I started by downloading a few e-books on sketching and learning from them, I got an idea but not that much help. Soon I realized I had a good eye for lighting, angle, shades, detailing etc. that helped me capture real essence in pictures. Now a days I strive to make my sketches as close to reality as possible. All my sketches have a life and they are realistic.

ExtraImaginary: What is your art about? What do you want people to feel/realize/experience when looking at your artwork?

Mother TeresaI want people to look carefully at the energy and life that are present in each image. From the static features such as wrinkles in the face to dynamic changes such as expressions, I want to capture and present these in the black and white scale. I want my audience to look for these aspects in my art. I always try to bring the real existence of the things in the nature either with the help of the portraits, wildlife, and nature. In my art people will experience, the simple HB pencil work, the realistic art and hard to accept the work is done by hand, which I experienced yet after my Exhibition at Nehru Art Gallery Bhilai. So according to present status of my work I will want people to capture the whole dedication which I tried to put in each of my work.

ExtraImaginary: Tell us about your style of art.

I started my work by using simple HB pencil and then started using some grades to improve my work. Presently I am trying the charcoal art as well. On a higher level, I would say my art is contemporary, it has life, it is natural and realistic. I always try something new with the pencil and colors. My art indicates the different ways to think about and to learn how to accept the reality.

ExtraImaginary: What inspires you to create and what is the major influence on your art?

Ashish SoniI like to draw those images that have subtle yet important elements and what my eyes like at the first sight. Like for example a snake lying around is different but a snake that is alert has more life in its picture. I would take that alert snake and try to capture its eyes, hissing tongue or the tension in its body. On the other hand there are many such sketches in which the Glass which is the tough part to create it on the paper and the inverted work which I have done in my Pet’s (Lucy) sketch. Some sketches like the views of the beaches and the desert in which the human body are made in such a way that it’s complete. Portraits of my Dad, Grandfather (Nana), Adolf Hitler, Mother Teresa, Mr.Obama, in which I had to put all my effort to make the eyes as real as they are. And the abstract sketches in which I have made it so real as they were not real (Fingers from Eye). I like to create all the great person which I like the most as they inspires me and influences my inner soul.

ExtraImaginary: How do you know when a piece is finished?

I have set goals for every image as I mentioned before. Once I have captured the expression and lively aspect of the image I consider the image finished. In most of the sketches in which the reality is not the matter in that the satisfaction of my mind answers me. In rest of the sketches I always tried to continue my work till it becomes as real as its reference. I guess lot of personal hunch goes it accepting when a sketch is done.

ExtraImaginary: What is your most memorable moment as an artist?

Grandfather (Nanaji)Most memorable moment was different in different stages of my work. My Dad’s portrait was such a surprise for me and to my Dad that he was also not having words to say. Drawing my grandfather from mom’s side was another shock for me and to my Mom and the entire family who knows him. I think I was able to capture all of his personality in the picture. And the emotional attachment to him made the work more fulfilling. And the biggest memorable moment was when my sketches ere displayed at the Nehru Art Gallery around the dome, I was feeling like I was in a dream and my dream came true.

ExtraImaginary: If you could have dinner with any artist, past or present, who would it be and why?

Yeah Sure, yet I have found only few artist whom I like the most, they are – J.D. Hillberry and J.D. Harding. The reason is they are the realistic artist and they belong to my field, so interacting with them and spending time with them surely provide me a lot of knowledge and inputs in my life to move forward.

ExtraImaginary: What are your goals in regards to your art?

If I could have galleries and exhibitions in bigger cities and reach a wider audience that would be great. I would also like to meet other successful artists and learn from their feedback. Like what I am in my small city, a famous Realistic Artist, I want to tell the people around the world about my art. I want to give surprise to the people specially the artists that such things also exist other than colors as what I got the Feedback from the artist and the viewers that “they had never seen such kind of Realistic Pencil & Charcoal Art”.

ExtraImaginary: Is there anything else that you would like people to know about you?

I think in India people need to appreciate these talents and encourage them more. Maths and science are the end of everything. Our literature, arts, music etc are equally important as human beings. I wish all parents encourage their kids to do more than academics.

About me, there are lots of things, I am Guitarist (self taught). I can cook delicious foods (Chinese, South Indian, Chicken, Fish etc.). I am interested in visiting natural places. I am mad for music (House, Techno, Dance, Hip Hop, Rap, etc.) and have a wide collection.

ExtraImaginary: Thanks Ashish. You’re ExtraImaginary!

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    Great work……..Jst loved ur sketches………especially ur sketch-fingers 4m eyes……i also do sketching n painting…..i hope u will be helping me out 2 improve upon my art……..
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