Interview with Julie Mancia – Artist from Southern California, USA

Julie ManciaJulie Mancia is an artist based in Southern California. Her artwork is inspired by her favorite movies and her emotions at a particular moment in time. You can connect with Julie on Facebook to learn more about her and to purchase her art.

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ExtraImaginary: Julie, could you please give us a little background about yourself and your art?

Julie Mancia: I’m Julie Mancia. I’m 28 years old. I was born and raised in Southern California. I went to Occidental college and have a BA in Psychology. In addition, I received a minor in Studio art. My focus initially was on print making. After I graduated from Occidental, I got a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. With a full time job and full time school, I found it difficult to incorporate art into my life. It was about two years ago with the encouragement and support of my boyfriend that I began to pick up art once again…. This time I decided to explore the world of painting. I just love it! I paint with oil on canvas and every painting is done in one sitting. A unique thing about my painting style is that I paint while watching my favorite movies playing in the background. I am a huge Disney fan, which you may have noticed inspired most of my current artwork. I’ve done a series of about 15 canvases and it has been a wonderful experience. I’ve just had my first showing about a month ago. I am stepping out there and putting my art out for others to enjoy and see.

ExtraImaginary: I love the colors that you use in your paintings. Particularly “Ocean” and “Love”.

LoveJulie Mancia: Thank you. My color selection is directly influenced by my movie pairing. I try to include some elements of the movie whether it is a color, a scene, or a feeling. Although I’m not trying to directly recreate a specific scene, I am trying to capture a feeling, a mood that came out in me from watching these movies. As for “Love” inspired by Beauty and the Beast I was drawn to the red rose and pink glow it emanated. As for “Ocean”, I was inspired by the blue and white shades of the ocean that Pinocchio braves to save his father.

ExtraImaginary: You’re paintings have a great energy to them. Are they all inspired by movies that you watch?

NightJulie Mancia: Yes they are. When I paint, I watch and listen to my favorite movies in the background. When I paint I try to capture the emotion that is elicited in me by the movie. The paintings may not have an exact recognizable scene from the movie but it inspires the colors and brush strokes. Example: “Night” was inspired by a scene from Lady and the Tramp in which Lady and the Tramp are sitting on the top of a hill and for a split second, there’s this big white moon and a blue sky all around it. It’s a romantic moment. Another example of how movies inspire my paintings is … While watching Mary Poppins, I start to choose colors that stand out to me…. then something will strike me in the movie like a cloud in the background, or a hat, or a shadow, something very subtle in the movie and I’ll start painting. I’ll paint until the canvas is completely covered.

ExtraImaginary: What is your most memorable moment as an artist?

Julie Mancia: I would say my most memorable time is probably painting with my boyfriend and my sister on two separate occassions. It was absolutely wonderful to share painting with somebody. Painting is usually something I do on my own, so it was nice to share this experience with someone that I love. It was also nice to try to elicit that creativity in somebody else.

My memorable moment with my sister included painting “Love”. We popped in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” which was a Disney movie that we had watched over and over and over again as kids. So we had a bottle of wine, canvases, paints, skittles and Beauty and the Beast. We had such a good time… It was spending quality time with my sister that really did come out in the canvas.

ExtraImaginary: Tell us about your first art showing which you had about a month back. Also, you have one that’s coming up in October?

Julie Mancia: Last month’s art show was my first showing at The Factory Hair & Make-up Studio in Pasadena. The Factory is a unique space in which there is music, there is art and it’s a place where creativity flows. This was the first time I put myself out there. I was a little nervous even though I felt confident in my art. It was just a fun first way to put my art out to the public and gain some feedback. For example: The title of my painting read: “Forest” (inspired by Mary Poppins) and so a lot of people would read the little captions and exclaim “Oh my god! I love Mary Poppins. It was my favorite movie growing up.” I loved being a witness to this moment when people who were strangers would look at my canvas and be taken back to some point in their past… to their childhood. And that to me, for lack of a better phase, was the coolest thing ever. I love that my paintings could elicit that kind of feeling from complete strangers – that was just awesome. This definitely inspired me to keep going. So I’ve been in contact with some other restaurants and wine bars, and children’s shops in the neighborhood who I would like to partner with. I’m actually coordinating my next show with a restaurant in Eagle Rock — Camilo’s, a really quaint California bistro.

ExtraImaginary: If you could have dinner with any artist past or present, who would it be and why?

Julie Mancia: Well the first person that pops into my mind is Edgar Degas. We are fortunate here in Southern California to have an expansive collection of his work on display at the Norton Simon Museum (Pasadena, CA). I love his work and one of the things that first caught my attention was his series of ballerina paintings. He captured this beautiful art form in such a unique manner. He captured people living life. He captured people in that moment. He would definitely be someone that I would love to sit and talk to. He’s capturing real people in an expressive way – just capturing them and putting it out there for the rest of us to see.

ExtraImaginary: Thanks Julie. You’re ExtraImaginary!

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  • Ognjen Karabegović

    Exelent and very creative work.

  • Ognjen Karabegović

    Exelent and very creative.