Interview with Julia Rauda – Artist from Los Angeles, CA, USA

Julia Rauda - Artist in Los AngelesJulia Rauda is an artist living in Los Angeles. She describes her artwork as a way of sharing stories, emotions, thoughts, feelings, and memories. You can connect with Julia on Facebook as well as through her website to find out more about her and to purchase her art.

You can view Julia’s Art Portfolio or see her work after the interview below.

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and your journey as an artist.

Julia Rauda: I am a 28 year old woman living in the city of Los Angeles. My parents made me in El Salvador and I was born in LA. I come from a big family filled of love and opinions. I grew up around all kinds of energy and noise making it hard to hear myself. It took me some time to realize how much I love to paint. As a young girl I was easily intimidated and lazy, now I am ready to fall more in love with the experience of painting.

ExtraImaginary: Your artwork is mostly abstract. What is your art about? What do you want people to feel/realize/experience when looking at your artwork?

Julia-Rauda-Follow-Your-LightJulia Rauda: My art is about life. It’s my way of sharing stories and emotions. It provides a space where I can practice letting go and living in the present moment. I’m still learning and growing as an individual so my art is about that experience. It’s a reflection of the emotions, thoughts, feelings, and memories that I’m pursuing to let go of. If people choose to give it time, I would like people to react to the art that is all. Good or bad it’s irrelevant. The importance is in sharing ourselves with one another; it’s a way of giving each other the space to be creative. I think the misunderstanding is in the limiting concept of what it means to be creative.

ExtraImaginary: What inspires you to create and how is your thought process before you decide to do a new painting?

Julia Rauda: My reactions to the world inspire me to create. There is an overwhelming amount of sources of inspiration around us: nature, oil spills, war, love, glamour, death, miracles, disease, hunger, immigration, family, technology and not to mention the world inside our heads. The list is endless. I paint whatever gets under my skin.

ExtraImaginary: How do you know when a piece of art is finished?

Julia Rauda: I’m not sure, I’m still figuring this one out. So far I follow my instinct, if I feel it’s done then it’s done.

ExtraImaginary: What is your most memorable moment as an artist?

Julia Rauda: This is a hard question. I guess the most memorable moment was having my parents attend the first show I participated in. They looked and examined each piece as if they were discovering something new, I felt so blessed to have them there.

ExtraImaginary: Do you get creative blocks? If so, how do you overcome it?

Julia Rauda: Yes I do get creative blocks but I try not to stress about it. I’ll keep living life until something comes to me. The less pressure I put on myself the easier it comes back.

ExtraImaginary: You work with several media. Do you have a favourite medium?

Julia Rauda: No, I definitely don’t have a favorite medium. There are so many mediums I haven’t even tried so I have some work to do in order to find a favorite.

ExtraImaginary: Who are your favourite artists?

Julia Rauda: I’m inspired by Marco Menendez, John-John Jesse, Wendy Alarcon, Amy Sol, Question Everythink, Mel Kadel, and Alexander D.C.D Smith to name a few.

ExtraImaginary: What are your goals in regards to your art?

Julia Rauda: My goal is to keep painting and be open to the opportunities that will come from this. I hope to incorporate oils into my work as well as airbrushing. I also would like to venture into larger canvases, I’m so excited to be challenged.

ExtraImaginary: Is there anything else that you would like people to know about you?

Julia Rauda: I would like to thank ExtraImaginary for giving me the opportunity to share my work. I love the website and have been so inspired by so many of the artist that participate, keep up the great work ExtraImaginary!!!!

ExtraImaginary: Thanks Julia. You’re ExtraImaginary!

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