Calling artists of all genres for interviews

Artists. We want to find out what inspires you. We want to promote you. We want to do everything we can to ensure your success. And we want to start by interviewing you.

This is a blog about people like you who are ExtraImaginary. You bring your imaginations to life and see the world with unique eyes. You have the ability to express your feelings, emotions, hopes, and aspirations in the form of art. You create, you inspire and you give us a new perspective. We want to recognize that.

So if you are an artist of any genre – painting, sculpture, photography, etc – please contact us here or drop us an email. We would like to setup an interview and showcase some or all of your work on this site. We want to help you advertise your work, as well as the ways people can reach you: your website, twitter, facebook, you name it. The more ways people can see your talent, the more likely it is that your hard work will be recognized and appreciated by the world. And if we can help in the smallest of ways to do that, then our mission is accomplished.

So hurry up and get in touch.

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