Reduce Transmitted Recoil Forces Through Using a Muzzle Brake – Muzzle Brakes are intended to reduce recoil forces that are transmitted and provide a brake towards the rearward motion of a rifle or handgun.

Compensators sometimes work hand in hand to counter muzzle lift. Why does a muzzle lift in the first place, you may ask? The thing is that rifles have a barrel that brings about the recoil force that impact on the firer’s shoulder. The best way to prevent this is through ensuring the rifle’s stock is in line with the barrel as much as possible. To get a better idea of what is meant by this, you may want to compare an M16 against an old single-shot rifle.

How Does a Recoil Compensator Make Things Better for a Rifle Shooter?

Brakes deflect the gasses backward or in a rearward direction to be more precise so that a forward motion of the recoiling mass can be produced. Amazingly, the .416 Weatherby Magnum experiences a 39 percent reduction when a proprietary brake is being used. Other users may experience a lesser reduction percentage as it depends on the design of the brake and the weapon being used.

There are numerous advantages to reducing the recoil effect. The number one reason being that it improves accuracy by bringing the weapon back on target and reducing flinch. Other benefits experienced would be a reduction in weight, which is perfect for main guns and artillery.

MadHouse Design has designed the triple port brakes. Someone else made a ported barrel perform pretty much the same functions as a brake. Which one do you think is better?

Ported Barrels or Muzzle Brakes – Which is Superior?

How does a brake fare against a ported barrel? The former would control muzzle jump and recoil a lot better to ensure precision.

No doubt the ported barrel would perform the same function as the porting would strip the gasses while the bullet itself would be stabilized by the barrel to reduce muzzle jump and improve accuracy.

On the positive side noise suppressors are not permanent, or at least the screw on one. It can be used at will in that you will find it useful at the shooting range, but once you go out hunting, you can just remove it to reduce excessive noise. Then again, you can swap it for a suppressor. We are all for options, not so?

Whether you make use of ported barrels, standard brakes, or the triple port range manufactured by MadHouse Design, the point behind it all is to get back on target for your second or third shot and reduce recoil.

Other differences are that brakes add weight and length to the end of a barrel while porting would reduce bullet velocity. Usually, handguns are ported while rifles would do better with brakes.

Most shooters and those who standby have a lot to say about the blast and noise coming from the brake, which proves to be obnoxious. Not so much to the shooter. However, if you are standing to the one side or slightly behind, it can be nasty. Shooting the rifle with a brake on does not make much of a difference regarding sound.

It is good etiquette to consider those around you. As a result, you may want to try newer designs such as the triple-port muzzle brake by MadHouse Design.

One last thought while we are on the subject of brakes. Recoil feels different to others than it would for you. Something that might bother you will not be much of a problem to other people.

Some smaller caliber rifles such as the 375 would perform very well with or without a brake fitted. However, the 300 magnums come back a lot faster without a fitted muzzle brake, which can be bothersome and hurtful due to the quick jabs you’ll experience compared to the hammer slot of the 375. The point we are trying to make is that brakes come in handy as it slows things down.

We spoke about MadHouse Design’s triple-port range earlier. It might be an idea to try it out due to the solid bottom design to minimize dust signature and the ports that face upwards to ensure an uninterrupted view of your target at any given point. Then again, the fact that their brakes are machined from 303 stainless steel and are resistant to corrosion makes it stand out among its rivals.